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Spokane Folklore Society's Free Want ads
We could make beautiful music together...

Looking for a way to start a band, join a band, or just play with some like-minded musicians?  Got an instrument you want to buy, sell, or trade? Try posting a free ad here.  (acoustic musicians and SFS members from Inland NW only, please)  If you're just interested in playing at a jam, first check out the SFS jam page.  Jams are good ways to meet other similar musicians, but mostly they have to settle on common ground, so a lot of your best music may never get played.  This might be a good place to connect with your favorite musical styles, or to float ideas for great musical/folk dance events in the Inland Northwest (greater Spokane area).  Just email the webmaster (webmaster@spokanefolklore.org) with  your contact information and whatever text you wish to include.  You may want to include what instruments you play, what general area you live in, how long you've been playing, favorite musicians or styles, etc.  Here are some sample categories and entries, but other folk music categories are welcomed.  If you are leary of stating your identity to the world, say so in your email and a contact nickname can be used.  We reserve the right to refuse any ads deemed unsuitable.

Disclaimer:  Spokane Folklore Society will not be held responsible for the accuracy of the ads on this site. Let the responder beware...
Ads from this date on will be posted with the newest on top.
Musician Available
(posted Sept. 2007)
Hi. My name is Ike Parrish and I'm interested in either joining or starting a Sam Bush, Asleep at the Wheel type hot bluegrass/swing band.  I have 30 yrs. stage experience and play both electric and acoustic guitar, some mandolin and banjo, slide guitar and vocals. 
I play a lot of flatpick stuff, and also do blues and jazz.  I live in C'dA and can be reached at 208-765-3390 or parrishtbb@aol.com
Rabbit for yarn making June 2006.  I have a white female angora rabbit (for spinning yarn), 2 years old. but I've discovered I'm allergic to rabbits.  So if anyone out there is a spinner and would like her, she is free. but please do your research on what it takes to raise one of these rabbits before accepting responsibility. I want to go to a good home.
                                    lydia -(509) 892-3523
Acoustic Bassist available I am looking for an acoustic style band (bluegrass, Texas swing or jazz) that has gigs (paying) that needs a stand up bass. I am willing to do some traveling. Call or email Mark 509-738-4141 harding@isp.com .
Ivory Coast Djembe Drum With Case

This hand carved djembe drum has a 13” diameter head
made of African goatskin. The head is secured with
Kevlar core cord. The drum is carved from a single
piece of wood by Ivory Coast traditional carvers and
has been rubbed with an oil finish to protect against
cracking. The drum is 24” high. This lead drum has
wonderful sound and Base/ Tone/ Slap contrast.  I will
include an informational song book.

I’m asking only $330.00.  So if you are in the market
for a djembe…this is a great deal.  Cash only please.
Call Barb: 208-682-4891 Or e-mail: baabheli@yahoo.com

Female Vocalist Christa Hovind
Female Vocalist
Country, Folk, Pop, Classic Rock
Spokane, WA
Looking to jam with some other musicians, maybe  form a country/cross over  cover band.
Influences are Gretchen Wilson, Jodi Messina, Natalie Merchant, Alanis Morisette, etc.
Email at christa_hovind@glic.com
Player piano for sale Circa 1928 Player Piano made by Lagonda Piano Co. of Newcastle, Ind.
Dark brown finish on cabinet.
$800.00 or best offer
Player needs some repair
Contact Mary
 509-926-7934 or

Used Bikes Needed  The Inland Northwest Peace Corps Association is gathering donated bikes for the Village Bike Project, run by Dave Peckham of Moscow. The bikes get shipped to Ghana for rebuild and repair and to teach people how to fix their own bikes. Bicycles are a major source of transportation there. To donate bikes, money, and/or a truck for transporting bikes to Moscow, call Sue Bracken at 509-924-3903. Contact Dave at ghanabikes@yahoo.com. Many thanks -- Sue Bracken Spokane Folklore Society PO Box 141, Spokane WA 99210-0141 

 Guitar/mandolin/percussion player seeks male or female musicians of any age to form traditional irish group.
Focusing mainly on instrumental performance, but willing to explore vocal with the right combination of performers. Contact Travis Finch at either (509)
939-8533 or travis@spocomedy.com

Vocalist and piano player seeking to form band.  Styles variable, but desired focus to create meaningful, political songs, etc. 
for more info. and interest, call Jyo at Earth Cycle Farm ~ 509-236-2265 &/or e-mail jyoshmo@riseup.net

Looking for musicians for Grateful Dead inspired acoustic group Spokane/N. Idaho. . I'm a  guitar/ banjo, harmonica, pennywhistle vocalist type.  Would like bass, hand percussion, other acoustic instruments and singers to play Dead covers.  email brad2@sondahl.com