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Do YOU Value the SFS and What We Do?

By Eric Johnson

Due to problems with the low ballot return rates. (22 out of 180 or so this year, 38 out of similar numbers last year) the SFS corporation has trouble operating

legally. To address this problem, the SFS Board established a new membership class this fall, called "Voting Member".

The membership class requires twenty (20) hours of volunteer time to be spent on SFS activities in order to vote,

on the basis that voting members should have an active investment in and knowledge of SFS activities.

Lady of the Lake Family Week Camp Registration is open for* Lady of the Lake Family Week*, August 11-17, 2019 at Camp N-Sid- Sen

in Harrison, Idaho. Mark your calendars for a week of family fun, relaxing, singing, dancing, swimming, and music with our outstanding staff! *

The Canote Brothers:* leading family gathering and tasty tunes. *Susan Michaels:* calling morning and evening dances and storytelling. *

Sue Hulsether:* community dance caller and fun with 7-12's. *Naomi Taussig:* Israeli dancing! * Mel Leaders:* community choir and fun with wee ones.

*Dawn Wagner:* inspired art classes. *AND J-R-K *(Jeff Spero, Ryan Mckesson, Ka- rina Wilson): are back to "wow" us with their music.

Find out more about camp and schedule at www.ladyofthelake.org. Registration is online and this year there is an option to pay online

President’s Corner

It could be a dark and stormy night in Spokane and yet the lights and fun of a contra dance would be alive and well
every Wednesday evening during the winter months at 7:30pm at the Woman' s Club on South Hill.
We are delighted with our new dance floor and stage at the Women's Club and are requesting dancers to bring a clean second set of shoes to dance in
Wednesday nights to protect the floor. They don't have to be dance shoes, just clean shoes.
Also do not use powder or wax on your shoes as that will damage the new floor as well as dirt and grit from outside.
Plans are well underway for our summer dance camps at beautiful Camp Sid N Sen this summer so watch for flyers
on those and other dance events in the area on our information tables. See you on the dance floor!

George Taylor, President.

Calendar of Folky Fun

Note: Since the Woman's Club has refinished the dance floor, please designate a com- fortable pair of shoes to be your dance shoes and never wear them outside. Thank you!