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President’s Corner
I am back from my 31 day trip to the East Coast to see family and friends.  It was a great trip and I didn't have one hotel bill because I spent all the nights with friends and family.  The Spokane Folklore Society is so glad to have you and yours as members and friends.  We are a non-profit corporation run entirely by volunteers to promote a broader community involvement in music, dance and other folk arts. The elected Board of Directors is responsible for the safety and well being of participants who are involved in our sponsored activities.  We are looking for a few new board members to fill vacancies left by Board members going off their 2 year elected terms.   Your Board is committed to enforcing policies at its sponsored activities, including all dances, of no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no fragrances , no weapons of any kind and zero tolerance for sexual harassment or inappropriate remarks or behavior.  This is to protect the safety of our members who expect a safe and fun environment to dance in.  It goes to the very heart of our integrity and reputation as an organization where men and women, boys and girls and families can come together to dance, sing and have fun.   We normally take a break until early fall, the first Wednesday after Labor Day starting up our regular Wednesday contra dances.  We hope you all enjoy a happy and a safe summer.   See you in the Fall! ' Keep on dancin'.  George Taylor, President

All Memberships Expire on August 31 Be ahead of the crowds! Avoid waiting in those hours-long lines! Wait...that’s for college students.  You  can still take care of this IMPORTANT  need efficiently by using the registration form on the back of this newsletter—your newsletter for folk in Spokane! Other ways to register: online at Spokanefolklore .org or in person at the first dance of the new season.

Fall Arts Preview Exhibitor’s deadline: August 17 Event: Monday, September 3 from 4—7:30 pm The annual Fall Arts Preview will kick off the 2018-2019 arts season on Monday, September 3, from 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. concluding with the Spokane Symphony’s popular free concert. We thank the Spokane Symphony for their generous sharing of this time and place.  Fall Arts Preview provides a great marketing opportunity for groups who want to share information with the public about upcoming events and season offerings. The registration fee of $40 per participant ($14.00 for an additional table) covers the cost of table rentals, decorations, etc.  This event always requires plenty of volunteer help with set-up, tear-down, and other tasks. Set-up begins at 11a.m. and takes one or two hours; tear-down is immediately following the concert intermission. If you are willing to lend a hand, please check the appropriate box on your registration form or contact Dan (below).  Exhibitors may begin setting up as early as 2 p.m. Those arriving after 3:30 will have very limited options for placement. You will need to provide a volunteer(s) to staff your table and enough chairs for your volunteers. Bring printed handout materials about your organization.  We encourage you to be creative in planning your display — consider providing some kind of interactive activity. We will provide a table, a tablecloth, and electricity if needed; the rest is up to you.  In keeping with our policy to provide information only, selling of merchandise is prohibited.   For more information, contact Daniel Gore at 509-838-9135 or danielcgore@msn.com.  You may also contact Eric Johnson at 509-534-3009 or by email, ecj@cet.com. 

Come Join the Fun!
At Lady of the Lake Family Camp on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene in North Idaho, families learn and play together. Daily age-based workshops in art, dance, singing, music and more, highlight a busy day finishing with hours on the beach, swimming, sailing, hiking or just relaxing.
We have a great staff for the 2018 Family Week lined up, which includes, so far:
 In Tent City (Betz, Graham, Seth, and David Richards)  Greg and Jere Canote from Seattle, leading us in song at our family gatherings, and Jere teaching a Ukulele class  Jody Kruskal brings a collection of games, and dances, and witty fun  Susan Michaels from Los Angeles, sharing stories and calling contras  Darryl Thomas and Valerie Bergman will provide dance instruction Mel Luedders with our young ones
Registration is open for Fall Weekend Lady of the Lake— October 5—7. All the info you need is at www.ladyofthelake.org!

Fall Folk Festival November 10-11, 2018 Fall Folk Festival Friends Campaign. The Fall Folk Festival is in the midst of its fundraising campaign. If you have already donated ... thank you! The budget for the Festival is now nearly $30,000 and we need your help to continue to offer the Festival for free.  Donations can be sent to: Fall Folk Festival, PO Box 9768, Spokane, WA  99209. Online donations can be made through our website: http://www.SpokaneFolkFestival.org Thanks for your support. We hope to see you at the Festival, November 10-11, 2018 at Spokane Community College. Fall Folk Festival Volunteers: Please save the date for the Fall Folk Festival. As usual, the Festival will be needing MANY volunteers in order to be a success. Online signup will not be available until October, but we will be needing people to help with set up, the bake sale, button sales, t-shirt sales and more. We hope to see you at the Festival and hope you will consider volunteering a few hours to support the Festival. For more information please call Carolyn at 509-638-9550.