The Spokane Folklore Society 8th Fall Folk Festival, 2003


                    Andrea Jorgensen 
        and the Claim Jumpers

              Blackberry jamming 

             Bluegrass Conspiracy

Carlos Alden and Dan Maher 

         Crafts at the FFF

         Pippi at the crafts 

                 More crafts

        Lundin's  Violins 

      Dan Maher in concert 

              Don Kush

               Don't Fret it

       The Dust Devils 

         Haran dancers 


Mukogawa Japanese Dancers

       Kathy Colton Quartet

            Kids Crafts

        Kuhaihalauhula  dancers 

       Laddie Ray Melvin

Pres. Linnell Cergl and Q6 

       Lonesome Lyle Morse 

                    Nancy Davis 

              Prairie Flyer

             Pulehu Boyz 

       Rainbow Fiddle Kids 

            Rusty Strings 

          Sammy Thomas

      Scots and Japanese 

    Scottish Country Dancers

        Shape note singing 

          South Hill Ramblers

    Spokane Community Choir 

       Steptoe Bluegrass 

           Sufi dancers 

           Thistle and Thyme

       Too Hot to Handle

              Wing and a Prayer

And there were lots of others whose photos didn't turn out, but were equally deserving of being included here....           See you next year!

Photos by Brad Sondahl

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